Commons on Fire–PLU Top Chef Competition

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Compete in Commons on Fire

Friday, April 6th in The Commons at 8:00pm

Competition Rules

There will be 3 five-person teams and each will consist of 2 Campus Restaurant Kitchen team members, and a combination of student, faculty/staff/administrator. Each team will be given a mystery basket of ingredients. They must use each item in cooking but DO NOT need to use the total amount of each item.

Each team will have access to a pantry of staple ingredients (flour, onions, garlic). They will have a chance to view the items in the pantry while they are creating the menu.

A written menu needs to be submitted after 15 minutes of receiving the ingredients.

Cooking Time = 1 hour

Plating begins after the hour and will be set by the judge, 15 minutes maximum time limit.

1) Each Team must present 2 courses - one appetizer or starter and an entrée.
2) Three portions of each course must be presented.
3) One plate will be kept for presentation and the other 2 are for the tasting judges.

Judging Criteria
Presentation = 25 pts.
Creativity = 25 pts.
Taste = 50 pts.

We will contact contestants the week of March 19th — before Spring Break

If You'd Like to Participate

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