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Students are requested to answer the following questions, or similar questions, when they apply for a RN or ARNP licensure. Therefore, in fairness to applicants and for the protection of their clients, these questions are included in the application to the School of Nursing.

Answering any of the questions in the affirmative does not exclude your application from being considered for admission. However, full details must be furnished for each affirmative answer (including copies of all judgments, decisions, orders, agreements and surrenders).

Submit documentation on a separate sheet(s) of paper (8 1/2 X 11 inch) to: Attn: Admissions Coordinator, School of Nursing, Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma, WA 98447, or attach to this questionnaire by clicking on "choose file" and selecting the appropriate document from your computer.

Please make sure any attachments to this addenda include your name at the top of the page.The Recruitment, Admission and Progression Committee or the Dean may request additional information or an interview.

An affirmative answer to any question relative to health may not exclude you from participation in the program, but it is essential to make disclosure of any health conditions you may have so that a determination can be made if that condition will affect your ability to meet legitimate program requirements.

*"Medical condition" includes physiological, mental or psychological conditions or disorders, such as, but not limited to, orthopedic, visual, speech and hearing impairments, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, mental retardation, emotional or mental illness, specific learning disabilities, HIV disease, tuberculosis, drug addiction and alcoholism.

*"Currently" means recently enough so that the use of drugs may have an ongoing impact on one's functioning, and includes at least the past two years; "Chemical substances" includes alcohol, drugs or medications, including those taken pursuant to a valid prescription for legitimate medical purposes and in accordance with the prescriber's direction, as well as those used illegally.

*"Currently" means recently enough so that the use of drugs may have an ongoing impact on one's functioning, and includes at least the past two years;' "Illegal use of controlled substances" means the use of controlled substances obtained illegally, (e.g. heroin, cocaine), as well as the use of legally obtained controlled substances, not taken in accordance with the directions of a licensed health care practitioner.

5. Have you ever been convicted, entered a plea of guilty, nolo contendre, or a plea of similar effect, or had prosecution or sentence deferred or suspended, in connection with:

6. Have you ever been found in any civil, administrative, or criminal proceeding to have:

Statement of Understanding

I understand that withholding information requested on this application, or giving false information, may make me ineligible for admission to the School of Nursing, or subject to dismissal at a later date if admitted.  With this in mind, by clicking on yes below, I certify that all statements made in connection with this application for admission to the PLU School of Nursing are correct and complete.

For School Use:

________ Verified By

________ Date Verified


All applicants to Pacific Lutheran University must meet the requirements as outlined in the current PLU Catalog. School of Nursing applicants must supply additional information to be considered. Submit this form and any required attachments with the Application.

A. Questions relative to academic issues/dismissal:

  • BSN to MSN or DNP applicants: a reply of "yes" is required only if you have were/are enrolled in graduate-level nursing coursework at another school; this question does not apply to undergraduate nursing coursework
  • Entry-Level MSN applicants: the question applies to any nursing courses (undergraduate or graduate) in which you have been/are currently enrolled (including LPN, ADN, BSN, or MSN nursing programs).
  • Post-master's applicants: answer 'yes' to this question and complete section D

If you answered "NO" to #4, STOP HERE. Scroll down to read the Statement of Understanding below then click on "yes".

If you answered "YES" to #4, complete sections B and C, then read & sign the Statement of Understanding below.

B. Questions relative to previous Nursing school/program:

Provide the following information for each nursing program previously attended (attach extra pages if necessary):

  • If YES, see details in Section C below

C. Petitioning for Transfer Credit
  • Submit a request for transfer credit. Include complete syllabiof all graduate nursing courses completed to date. Also include the overall nursing program curriculum plan (preferably from the school catalog). Send these materials directly to: School of Nursing, Attn: Graduate Admissions, Tacoma, WA 98447-0029.
  • The School of Nursing may request additional information (i.e., letters of good standing/reference from your previous program dean/director or faculty). You will be contacted if additional information is required.
  • The School of Nursing Recruitment, Admission and Progression Committee or Dean will notify applicants of the results of the transfer credit evaluation. If admitted, a plan of study for the remainder of the PLU nursing curriculum will be developed. All PLU School of Nursing policies and procedures related to progression within the curriculum will apply to this plan of study.

D. Post-Master's Applicant Gap Analysis
  • All post-master's students will undergo a gap analysis to determine what previous graduate level coursework meets the DNP competencies and which additional courses will be required for the PLU DNP degree.  Previous course syllabi may be required to demonstrate competencies.  Post-master's applicants will be required to provide verification of clinical practicum hours completed in an MSN program to be applied to the 1000 clinical hour requirement for the DNP.

Statement of Understanding

I understand that withholding information requested on this application, or giving false information, may make me ineligible for admission to the School of Nursing, or subject to dismissal at a later date if admitted.  With this in mind, by clicking on yes below, I certify that all statements made in connection with this application for admission to the PLU School of Nursing are correct and complete.

Approved by RAP 10/2005
Graduate Nursing Application Addenda Packet
Last Updated: September 2010

I. Pacific Lutheran University Policies and Procedures:

All International applicants to Pacific Lutheran University's graduate programs must demonstrate proficiency in the English language through the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). International Applicants must submit additional supporting documents with the application; see the current PLU Catalog, Graduate Studies section or contact PLU Graduate Admission (253-535-8570 or for more information.

II. School of Nursing English Proficiency Policy:

A certain level of English proficiency is necessary for academic success in nursing as well as for patient safety.

In addition to meeting PLU's general English proficiency requirements, all School of Nursing applicants for whom English is not their native language (including International and U.S. residents) must also meet minimum score requirements onthe TOEFL internet-based test (TOEFL-iBT) as set by the School of Nursing.

Official TOEFL-iBT scores must be received at PLU Office of Admission before the applicant may be considered for admission to the program. The cost of any required testing is the sole responsibility of the applicant.


Minimum TOEFL iBT Scores for Consideration of Admission to the School of Nursing:




Minimum cumulative score of:    86 combined 

- AND -

Minimum individual scores of:

26 in Speaking

20 in Writing

20 in Reading

20 in Listening



  • TOEFL-iBT information, test preparation and registration are available online at 
  • To request official scores to be sent to Pacific Lutheran University, enter Institution Code 4597. 
  • Students who have taken previous versions of TOEFL (computer-based or paper-based tests) or who have questions about these requirements may contact the School of Nursing (253-535-7672).
  • The TOEFL-iBT is required of all applicants to the nursing program for whom English is not their native language, with the exception of licensed practical nurses and registered nurses who hold current United States LPN or RN licensure. LPN and RN students for whom English is not their native language may be required to take the TOEFL-iBT before or during the course of the program, if so recommended by the Dean and/or School of Nursing faculty instructors.


Additional Information:

Individual advising is available and is directed toward assisting students to be successful. Current students for whom English is not their native language who have difficulty in the program may be encouraged to take extra steps (e.g., participate in ESL classes/activities, etc.) in an effort to increase the probability of their success in the program and on certification examinations.

Graduate Nursing Application Addenda Packet
Last Updated: September 2010

Page 4



This form is to be completed by Entry-Level MSN (ELM) applicants ONLY.
BSN-MSN and DNP applicants may disregard this page.

Guidance for Statement of Educational & Professional Goals  

This statement is part of the PLU Graduate application and should not exceed four double-spacedpages. Include the following in your statement:

  • Discuss why you are interested in a career in nursing.
  • Describe how the Advanced Generalist Entry-Level MSN Program at PLU will fulfill your career goals


Please Note:ALL ELMSN students are admitted to the program in the Care and Outcomes Manager Concentration, Advanced Generalist focus.  Enrollment in any other MSN concentration (for example, Family Nurse Practitioner) or any other focus area is neither implied nor guaranteed at the time of admission to the ELM program. Admitted students may apply to change concentration and/or focus area upon completing pre-licensure coursework, gaining RN licensure and completing the first semester of graduate-level coursework. Students who do not apply for a change of concentration or focus, or are not granted such a change, remain in the COM/Advanced Generalist program.  Placement into any other concentration is based on multiple criteria, including space availability, student essays, course and clinical evaluations, RN job placement and faculty recommendations.

Statement of Understanding

By clicking on "Yes" below, I am agreeing that I understand that I am applying to the Entry-Level Master of Science in Nursing Care and Outcomes Manager, Advanced Generalist program, and that enrollment in any other MSN concentration (for example, family nurse practitioner) or any other focus area is neither implied nor guranteed.

Prerequisite Course Completion

All prerequisite courses must be completed prior to the program start date with a minimum grade of 3.0 (B) on a 4.0 scale.  Answer all 4 questions detailing where you have completed, and/or intend to complete, each of the 5 prerequisite courses listed below. The admissions committee may request course descriptions/syllabi to ensure the coursework fulfills the prerequisite.  All fields should contain responses. 

1.Introductory Statistics,including inferential

2. Human Anatomy & Physiology I,including on-site lab, within last 6 yrs


3.Human Anatomy & Physiology II,including on-site lab, within last 6 yrs

4. Introductory Microbiology,including on-site lab, within last 6 yrs


5.Lifespan Human Psychology,birth through death


Prerequisite Course Content:

Course descriptions of prerequisite courses offered at PLU may be accessed in the PLU Catalog, PLU uses a semester calendar; 1 quarter credit is generally equivalent to 0.667 semester credits. At PLU, the following courses fulfill ELM prerequisite requirements:

Introductory Statistics

STAT 231

(4 semester credits)

descriptive & inferential

Human Anatomy & Physiology I

BIOL 205

(4 semester credits)

with on-site lab, within last 6 yrs

Human Anatomy & Physiology II

BIOL 206

(4 semester credits)

with on-site lab, within last 6 yrs

Introductory Microbiology

BIOL 201

(4 semester credits)

with on-site lab, within last 6 yrs

Lifespan human psychology

PSYC 320

(4 semester credits)

birth through death developmental psych

Our Comparable Course Guide, showing courses at colleges/universities in Washington that meet prerequisite requirements, is available on our website or from the School of Nursing. FOR ALL COURSES COMPLETED OUTSIDE WASHINGTON STATE, SUBMIT COURSE DESCRIPTIONS AND SYLLABI FOR EVALUATION TO

Applicants should request course evaluations well in advance of the priority application deadline.


This form is to be completed by Post-Master's DNP candidates ONLY.
All other applicants may disregard this page.

Please complete the top section and then print and forward this page along with a stamped, addressed envelope to the program where you earned your master's degree.  The form must be completed by the Program Director or Designee.

To be completed by Nursing Program Director or Designee

Please indicate the number of graduate-level practicum hours the individual named above completed as part of the Nurse Practitioner or Master of Science in Nursing Program degree earned at your university.


Mail or Fax to:

Pacific Lutheran University
School of Nursing--Graduate Programs
12180 Park Avenue South
Tacoma, WA 98447

Fax:  253-535-7590

Physical & Psychological Expectations of Nursing Students Preparing for Professional Practice


This page included for the applicant's information only, and does not need to be submitted with application materials.

To be admitted to and progress in the Pacific Lutheran University School of Nursing, a student must be aware of and meet the requirements identified in the following description of work performance of practicing nursing professionals.

Title:                    Baccalaureate Nursing Student (also applies to Entry-Level MSN students)
Work Hours:        Varies with shifts and setting and includes 12-hour shifts (incl. travel to clinical sites throughout Puget Sound area)
Full/Part Time:    Full and Part Time students

General Responsibilities/Requirements: The nursing student is responsible for performing patient assessment, planning care delivery, performing nursing intervention and teaching patients, family members and communities about health and illness. Responsibilities include reviewing the patient's chart, assessing the patient's medical condition, complaints and concerns, assessing biopsychosocial and spiritual aspects of the patient's health, carrying out physician's orders, and determining appropriate treatment and medication. Direct care includes administering medications and completing nursing procedures such as catheterization, suctioning, dressing changes and responding to emergencies as they occur, as well as counseling, teaching and crisis intervention. The student also assists patients with meals, positioning, transporting and transferring in and out of bed, and in walking. Information gathered about the patient is regularly and appropriately communicated to the health care team. The student also engages in community-based activities in which care to families, groups and target populations is delivered. This requires participation in agency and independent activities.

Machines, Tools, or Moving Equipment: The student uses a variety of medical supplies and equipment; e.g., stethoscope, blood pressure cuff, IV poles, tubing and pumps, portable monitoring units, needles, clamps and scissors, syringes, patient support bars, hospital bed, wheelchairs, etc. 

Percent of Time Spent:








Occasional sitting possible when taking patient's history or recording on patient's chart.

Standing and walking during the entire workday.


While Working the Student Must:











Reach over shoulders

Reach at waist

Reach below waist






















Occasional twisting while working around tables and chairs in a patient's room, as well as occasional stooping and/or bending to retrieve supplies from lower storage areas.




Pushing and pulling various pieces of medical equipment on wheels as well as continuous grasping and handling of medical supplies, equipment, medications and items.



The capacity to reach full range of motion.

While working the student must:



Lift to 10 lbs.

Lift 11-20 lbs.

Lift 21-50 lbs.

Lift over 50 lbs.



Carry to 10 lbs.

Carry 11-20 lbs.

Carry 21-50 lbs.

Carry over 50 lbs.
























Continuously lifting medical supplies and equipment weighing up to 5 lbs.

Occasionally lift PCA Monitors & other equipment weighing up to 20 lbs.

Occasionally assist in 2-person lifting of patients.

Identifying specific weights lifted in a transfer is difficult; it is dependent upon the amount of assistance the patient is able to offer.


Continuously carry medical supplies and equipment weighing up to 5 lbs.

Occasionally carry items weighing up to 20 lbs.


The student uses carts to transport heavier items.


Personal Strengths: The student is expected to accept persons whose appearance, condition and behavior and values may be in conflict with his/her own. Nursing care, including all needed personal health services, must be carried out regardless of the patient's race, ethnicity, age, gender, religious preference or sexual orientation. In collaboration with other health team members, the student works toward the goal of easing the burden of physical and emotional pain of those assigned to his/her care. In order to assist others in regaining health, it is essential that the student maintains his/her own level of wellness.

Working Environment:  There are many settings in which the nursing student gains experience, e.g., hospital, nursing home, public health and community agencies, home visits, school setting and clinics. The most physically demanding may be in the hospital or nursing home setting where there is a nursing station with patient rooms in the surrounding area. The flooring often varies and students are expected to walk distances while monitoring patients' conditions. These active, busy environments require the ability to keep track of a large number of activities at a time.

Overall Requirements:  Essential functions necessary to complete the program of study leading to a BSN degree at Pacific Lutheran University include the use of all the senses to gather information, e.g., observing color changes in the skin, hearing heart and lung sounds through a stethoscope, palpating pulses and feeling heat/cold skin. The program requires sufficient fine motor abilities to manipulate equipment in a safe and effective manner. The program requires the use of speech, reading and writing to communicate with clients, families, and other health care professionals. Patient care requires the ability to synthesize information from a variety of sources and apply it in making decisions regarding safe client care. The student always maintains a level of consciousness and alertness that ensures patient safety. The student has the emotional stability and flexibility to direct care functions, engage in therapeutic communications and counseling, and function effectively in situations of stress. This includes the capacity to function outside the personal comfort zone, placing clients' needs first.

During each shift or clinical experience, the nursing student is assigned patient care, which includes medication administration and direct care functions. Assistance in lifting is usually available for items that are too heavy. The student can be relieved of emergency response duties, but must be prepared to administer emergency care if other personnel are not available.

The student must notify the School of Nursing of any restrictions or modifications that may need to be considered.

Students are not expected to directly participate in medical procedures that are in conflict with personal beliefs and values. This does not preclude, however, the obligation to learn the underlying principles and take care of clients before and after such procedures.

Graduate Nursing Application Addenda Packet
Last Updated: September 2010

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